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What's new

Version 2.2: 09/01/2000

  • New output format for the dump: CSV format.
  • New option for the dump: Overwrite an existing file.
  • Dump of the user sessions, failure sessions, RAS sessions and printing jobs directly and with the service. Customized format.
  • Choice of the starting login for the service.
  • Drag and drop of the .evt and .act files.
  • Update of the command line tools.
    If you are a registered user, you should have received these tools by email. Contact me if you didn't receive any yet.
  • Dll creation.
  • Bugs fix:
    • An action sometimes runs twice when you launch it with Execute now
    • The manual execution of an action (with Execute now) doesn't interfere yet with the service.
    • 'Delete an action' works now.

Version 2.1.1: 01/15/2000

  • New context menu for the window of the actions description, and automatic refresh of the actions list.
  • Bugs fix:
    • User name sometime wrong in an event
    • Correction of the crash when you look at the event data.
    • Correction of the crash when you choose the security log after User sessions.

Version 2.1: 12/28/1999

  • Servers list save when you quit the program and load when it starts.
  • New options for the actions:
    • Save/Load of the action in a file.
    • Print the definition of the action.
    • Flag of the state for the last action.
    • Periodic Action (each x minutes or hours).
    • New action type Dump and erase.
    • Add a post command: command executed at the end of an action.
    To add these new features, I have to change the format of the action, so you must redefine your actions.
    The registered users will receive a tool to do it automatically.
  • New option for the dump: add of the dump in an existing file.
  • Bugs fix:
    • Correction of the crash when you choose User sessions after Failure sessions.
    • The comment at the end of the dump file will be removed when you register.
    • Correction of the crash of the service when you modify an action during its execution.

Version 2.0: 10/01/1999

  • New panel with a list viewer (column sort and printing functionalities):
    • A list of events from a complete eventlog or only from a source or a category.
    • A list of user sessions
    • A list of failure sessions
    • A list of RAS sessions
    • A list of printing
  • New option for the dump: type of event (error, warning, information, audit failure, audit success)
  • Change the properties of the eventlog: Size and retention.

Version 2.0 beta 1: 02/25/1999

  • New interface.
  • CDumpEvt tool replaced by a NT service: Eventlog scheduler.
  • Options for Output file format: date format, txt and html format.
  • Dump of a category, a source of an eventlog available.
  • Bilingual version: English/French.
  • Uninstall procedure (in the add/remove program of the control panel).
  • Properties for the evt files in the Windows explorer.

Version 1.2 : 04/30/1998

  • Dump of one category of events.
  • Dump since last dump.
  • Two formats for the date: readable or OLE format.
  • Html output format.
  • You can save the eventlog of a remote computer where you want (and not only on the remote computer).

Version 1.1 : 11/30/1997

  • You can specify the name of the server, when you dump from a file to get the name of the user and the message on the right computer instead of the local computer.
  • Adding link to the online registration

Updated 09/14/2000
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